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Here are some great video tips (from Christianity Today of all people): Irri-Taping



So I just found a blog called Childlike. It turns out it’s written by a friend of mine, David. It’s been so long since I directed for the first time, that I’ve forgotten a lot of the wonder (and stress) of doing it. In a recent post, Video Switching Take 1, David talks about his experience when (coincidentally) I was at a work function and unable to practice. BTW, we practice for a reason and I really missed it.


I’m always looking for a way to describe what podcasting is. Here’s what I found: Video: Podcasting in Plain English | Common Craft – Explanations In Plain English


Making Videos Loop

I know I’ve written about this before, but it bears repeating. You can see this tutorial I wrote back in 2005 over at or check out more tips here.

Good stuff there.


An article I wrote in Church Production Magazine a couple of years ago is quoted in a great book: Special Event Production: The Resources

The author sent me a copy and it looks great! And I’m not talking about the quote. The rest totally rocks.


DIY Com circuit

You might remember that I posted a tutorial on using phones to create a com set-up. That was fine, but if you want to use a more professional set-up and if you’re handy with a soldering iron and can read a schematic, this might be for you. ComClone2

I’m sending it to my video director at church and we’ll see what we get.


Movie and Video Terms

From, cinematic techniques: Information and Much More. That’s a list of movie and video terms. I’d add things like VOSOT, Full-screen, Lower-third, Side-bar, and other terms.


Final Cut Pro Countdown Video

For some time I’ve been promising people a copy of the FCP project file I used to create a countdown. I found it and here it is: FCP (right-click or control-click to save). BTW, it’s in FCP3 format, so it should be editable in versions 3 and later. Additionally, this isn’t a video file, but a project file. Don’t expect it to play if you don’t have Final Cut.

Notice that I used nested sequences to minimize the work needed to create this countdown as I did each number by hand, not merely reversing timecode as I had in the past.


Free teleprompter website.

cueprompter.JPGFor some time I’ve had an idea for a website that would take text and create a teleprompter from it. Well if you drag your feet, someone else will do it. So here it is:

Free teleprompter website. Yeah that’s right, someone beat me to it. Oh well.


On today’s “Tech, No Babel”:

Automatic Switching,
IP “Phone Book”,
Free, Legal Software,
and much, much more.


Songsheet generator