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Cartoon of my younger daughterNow this is cool. Upload a picture and tweak it to look like a cartoon. It took me longer to save it than to do it. Check it out: BeFunky



This is a fun comic showing what should be the case concerning the public domain. All but one of the characters in the comic were in the public domain and used by Disney to create derivative works. One should now be, but isn’t.

Read it here: Tom the Dancing Bug


There aren’t a lot of odd things that my church hasn’t tried. Liveblogging is one thing, though.

In prep for when we blog on our site, this is an experiment in live blogging.

11:55–Worship starts. Sharon is welcoming us here.

11:56–The song is “Revolutionary Love.” It really reminds me of how I feel about Quest. “I never wanna leave this place; love, love, love, revolutionary love.” God’s love really is amazing.

11:59–There’s a drama called “A problem of perspective” on now. It’s a comedy about a married couple and a fight they have. They see a therapist and each tells him what happened. The wife is first.

12:02–From her perspective, she’s the perfect wife, almost a Cinderella/Martha Stewart type.

12:o5–She remembers him hating their kid and him being borderline abusive. Now it’s his turn.

12:07–He remembers being the perfect husband and father. In his mind, she’s pushy and demanding. She wants a daily report about how he failed during the day.

12:08–Now a video, “What’s the funniest story of miscommunication you’ve ever had?” The best ones are a wife who went on a date with the man who would later become her husband, but she couldn’t remember his name and a guy who told the story of his parents’ first date where the guy told the woman she smelled like a funeral home; he meant like flowers.

12: 10–Danielle and Chris are talking about their relationship as brother and sister. Chris used to be a “street pharmacist”. They fought about that in front of their grandparents. He saw her and her husband and “Jesus freaks X1000”. Then, she quit judging him and started loving him. That’s when something changed. They gave him a cd that changed his life. Christmas Eve 2006 he came to church and gave his life to Christ. He couldn’t believe that a guy like him could be forgiven. Now, they don’t just love each other (as family), but like each other as friends.

12:19–Now we’re doing the song, “Say What You Need to Say”. Midway through there are video stories of people saying hard things like “I forgive you” or “I was wrong. Will you forgive me?” or “I love you & I really should say that more.” The most poignant is a friend who thanked her husband for taking care of her as she’s recovered from a stroke and cancer this year.

12:25–Now for the message.

12:26–“Welcome to our second week of Static: Crossed Signals. This is a week about families and miscommunication.”

!2:27–“We live in a culture where communication can be difficult. Think about texting. There’s LOL–laugh out loud, BRB–be right back, TTFN–ta ta for now, L8R–later, and the newest one HRR–Helen Really Rocks!” our transformation pastor’s name is Helen.

12:29–“What relationship do you have that really matters to you that’s marked by static? Most of us would say it’s in our families. Last week on the web, all but one person said it was.”

12:30–“Can I actually become a more effective communicator when relating to my family and those that are closest to me? Why is it so challenging with those closest to us?”

12:32–“That great philosopher and theologian Richard Pryor said, ‘Family is a mixed bag. You’re glad you have one, but it’s sort of like getting a life sentence for a crime you didn’t commit.”

12:34–“Family is our starting point. We’re affected by our genetics, but our family is really the greenhouse where we grow. Why is family so challenging if it’s so foundational?”

12:36–“Why do we think that the territory of familiarity is a license to not be our best? The things that irritate us most about others are the things that irritate us about ourselves. Family sure can push our buttons.” She’s telling a story about the punctuality that marked her family growing up. When she got married, she expected her husband to be the same way. She’d call her husband at the end of the day. He’d say, “I’m leaving right now” which means I’m wrapping up, finding my keys and I’ll be home in 45-60 minutes.

12:40–She’s using the metaphor of communication being like an old-fashioned switchboard in college. If the operator isn’t careful someone can get a message they were never meant to receive. “In our homes we often receive messages we weren’t meant to receive. For example, ‘you’re so emotional’ is heard as you better isolate. ‘I’ll show you what tough is; I’ll give you something to cry about’ is heard as you better self-protect. ‘You’re the problem’ is heard as I’m worthless. ‘You got a “b”‘ is heard as your value comes from performance. ‘Your father isn’t hung over; he has the flu’ is heard as you better be secret and wear a mask.”

12:45–“God can uncross those wires. Disconnect from the emotion of the moment and suspend judgement. Remember that Jesus said we’re not supposed to judge. Judgement cuts off communication and stifles intimacy. Judgement is all about self. Where sin and self are, static isn’t far behind.”

12:48–“Chris had his breakthough when Danielle suspended judgement and poured on love and compassion. That created a space for change. See Ephesians 4:2, 23-24, 29-32.”

12:50–“Change frequencies and forgive. 1) You have to acknowledge that you’ve been hurt, even seriously hurt. 2) Surrender your right to get even. Getting even won’t make you alright. It’s not how we’re wired for revenge to work. 3) Begin to see the one who hurt you in a new light. You’ve only seen the other person as the one who wronged you. They are a person. Something happened that helped this happen. Abusive people are often the result of abuse themselves. 4) Begin to see yourself differently–free, not under the curse of that injustice, the hook gone. That can be a reality.”

12:58–“Plug into the source. Jesus wants to heal you. He came to set the captive free. Don’t try to do this without him. If you think having your spouse treat you fairly or your mother love you unconditionally will complete you, you’re wrong. Only Jesus will treat you fairly (or better than that) and love you unconditionally. People will always let you down. See Eph 3:20 and Eph 1:19-20”

1:02–“God longs to connect with you and love you.” She’s praying to close the service.

Annoucements are next and I’m going to help with a live feed from our construction site. Go to each week for the service live. This is just a taste (an imperfect one at best).


More about Quest

I stumbled across this wikipedia page which talks about my church. Take a look.


Sorry All!

From Brian, How a blog devolves

Yeah, that’s the case. Sorry.


As you might have guessed, I love twitter. I also love my blog and Facebook. Now, thanks to the Twitter Tools plug-in for WordPress (the blogging engine I use), and the TwitterSync app for Facebook, a single blog post, tweet or facebook update, changes the other two. That makes me happy.


The 419 Scam I Almost Fell For

I just got an email offering me the position of “international receivables clerk”. What got me was that the email included an American toll-free number. Before I do anything, I like to Google phone numbers “1 877 663-8309”. As a result, I found out that this was just another variation (that seemed more legit) of the typical 419 Scam. Google it for more information, but know it is a scam.


Twitter Test

Just a test to see if this posted a link in twitter.


Use the link below to make a puzzle out of a digital picture on your computer. I made one and my daughter loved it. No real reason; it’s just fun.

Photograph Puzzle Maker


Free teleprompter website.

cueprompter.JPGFor some time I’ve had an idea for a website that would take text and create a teleprompter from it. Well if you drag your feet, someone else will do it. So here it is:

Free teleprompter website. Yeah that’s right, someone beat me to it. Oh well.