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Having issues with my ISP…

I can’t access the site at home (where I do most of my work), so I won’t be posting much until that gets fixed. Ergh! That’s what happens when your cable company decides to perform some “upgrades to improve performance.”



New business card design

I’ve just finished the design for my new cards. Since they’re in the middle of printing, I thought I’d give you a sneak peak. What do you think?

This is part of some rebranding I’m doing to make the site more professional. The header is on the “to do” list as well. I’m hoping to have the store live soon, too.

Paul National Convention

If you like church tech like I do, I’ve got the convention for you. I could tell you more about it but, DJ said it better than I could on his blog, Just Me. BTW, I’m one of the “two other bloggers” he mentions. I’ll save you a click and quote him:

“I know I don’t have a huge audience here so I am asking if you read this and are a blogger to post this on your blog to help get the word out. I am teaching at the 2nd Convention to be held June 20-22 in Indianapolis at the Adam’s Mark Hotel. You can see the schedule and registration information here.
I will be teaching along with two other bloggers on blogging on the hows and whys. There will be classes on video production, projectors, podcasting, audio and team building. The guys from Midnight Oil will also be there.
It’s well worth the time and money so if you get a chance, post it and go sign up to come.

Thanks DJ.


On today’s “Tech, No Babel”, “The Three Rooms Every Camera Op Should Visit”, “Making Video with a Still Camera”, “What are Your Quitting Points” and much, much more.

Links from today’s show:
The Civil War by Ken Burns
Tim Eason’s Book
Len & Jason’s first book


If you’d hoped to email and get the Mac version of MediaShout, you’re gonna be disappointed. Read this thread about the death of MediaShout for Mac. It turns out that programming MS for Mac is harded than you might think.

Maybe they’ll make the code open source. A guy can dream can’t he?


I found another list of worship software. It include both Mac and PC software (and those for both).

Read about it here.


The site has been hit by comment spammers. I have measures in place, so you probably won’t see it, but that’s the delay for legit comments (sometimes).


This is a fun article about ways to use technology in churches to attract new people.

Churches Embrace the Web In Bid to Attract Members

It even had some ideas I might use for this site. More about that later.


BTW, thanks Pete for the generous donation.

Special announcements:

Get a special deal on MediaShout from (make sure you mention Tech, No Babel).
Download a higher quality version of episode 25 here.
Hear our baby’s heartbeat.

Sorry, I just couldn’t wait until the next episode.


So, I’ve been using an iBook for quite some time. In fact my iBook is five years old and still going strong (as are the payments unfortunately). I just saw a video that makes me really want a new model.

The Intel-based MacBook is the successor to the iBook. I just saw a great video that makes me REALLY want one. I’ve had to delve into the depths of my iBook before, so I really appreciate this new feature–easy access to memory and hard drive.

The people over at MacWorld show us just how easy it is to upgrade the new MacBook. Click here to read the article and watch the video. Upgrading a laptop has never been so easy.