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Prolong Projector Lamp Life

If your church is anything like mine, you hate buying new lamps for your projector. They cost too much for what they are (glorified light bulbs). Well, I found an article here about how to prolong the life of your projector’s lamp.



I’m about half-way through “The Blogging Church” and I love it already. So far, it’s both entertaining and inspirational. I’m also going to be spending more time on my Blogroll as a result. I’ll post a link to the review once I finish the book and have written it.

Oh yeah, DJ you can of course borrow it when I’m done.


Blogging Church

I’m getting a copy of the new book, Blogging Church by Brian Bailey & Terry Storch from Fellowship Church. You can read about it here.

More details after I read the book and write the review on Amazon.


I know I shouldn’t be, but I’m sometimes amazed by what I find online. I have a Google auto-search rigged up to send me church tech sites as it gets them. Most are actually from CMN (, but from time to time I get one of interest.

Recently I learned about a blog that was dissing the kind of church I go to. I understand; I had concerns before I started going to Quest, but… Anyway, I digress.

Today I got a link to a site that tracks church files over bit-torrent (for the purpose of sharing).
Bandwidth is certainly an issue for podcasters and others who distribute large files. P2P file sharing is a legitimate way to combat that issue, but it’s often been abused. I think that’s what I’ve found here. The file I got the link for was a volume of Digital Juice’s Jumpbacks called “All Church”.

I realize that many smaller churches just can’t afford this resource. I also realized that we want to provide the excellence that this resource provides, but this is beyond the pale. I looked over the site. It was mostly password protected, but I could access the membership rules. They were very strict about sharing your password or inviting people who share porn, but not a word is said about ramifications for sharing copyrighted material. There’s a little notice on the bottom of the home page absolving the owners of culpability for copyright violations, but nothing more I could find.

There’s a Romans 13:1 (i.e. obey the ruling authorities and the law) principle here. Copyright is the law. As Christ-followers we’re called to follow the law. You could make a good argument that this doesn’t apply to unjust laws, but copyright isn’t one of those.

Additionally, Jesus and Paul both say (in Luke 10:7 and 1 Timothy 5:18 with Paul quoting Jesus in the latter) that “the worker deserves his wages”. Taking a file that people sell is taking money from people–people who have families, people with real hopes a dreams.

While there are legit uses for a site like this, it seems that the owners haven’t done the work to insure that their site is being used for them. I just couldn’t not write about this. Please don’t steal copyrighted files.